Not to be confused with their last drops, Reebok x Garbstore is back with this cool collection THAT YOU ALL ARE SLEEPING ON. Seriously, how are these sneakers still available? It's mind boggling how you readers will buy the purple and turquoise everything but forget to grab a pair of boring sneakers to appease your moms. Stop sleeping on the boring sneakers — the boring sneakers are the ones that will give your mom some hope on the inside, allowing her to think that you're finally growing up and getting out of your "sneaker phase."

You guys need something that will keep momz happy while keeping you happy and these Reebok x Garbstore joints are perfect because while they may be boring, they're still different enough to let you be unique. Life lesson: You don't always need to be the color of a slurpee to be different (get that tatt'd so we know it's real.) Grab a pair of these and grow up, son.

The sneakers are still available at Colette and when we check back in a couple of days THEY ALL BETTER BE GONE. Do your mom proud.