The first and probably last EBC Celebrity Basketball Challenge went down Sunday night at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. We rolled up expecting to see NBA ballers like John Wall, Kemba Walker, Tobias Harris, Dorell Wright, David Lee, Landry Fields, Lance Stephenson, Russ Smith, Brandon Jennings, and Nick Young, but none showed up. French Montana, Troy Ave, Jadakiss, and Wale were there, though. And to be fair, it was actually kinda fun.

The event was running so late that the MCs — not Power 105.1's Breakfast Club as billed — eventually sensed the crowd getting restless. Solution: a twerking competition. (Which actually might have been better than the basketball.) The first game of the evening, L.A. vs. New York, was a snoozer. Truly, the only reason why we didn't doze off during the 48-minute intermission game was because the entire GS9 clique, sans Bobby Shmurda, was sitting right behind us. SHMONEY. Eventually, thankfully, the game came to an end with NY pulling off a miraculously tedious comeback victory, quickly followed by a half-decent Big Sean performance.

We jotted down notes below on what to us were the highlights of the night. For more on the actual basketball action, head on over to the homies over at SLAM.

1. Somewhere down the line the teams got mixed up and Team Fabolous eventually became Team Montana which eventually lost to Wale's DMV team lead by Jarrett Jack in the championship game.

2. Big Sean came out and performed some of his greatest 4 hits. Contrary to what Big Ghost has to say about him, he was actually very popular and received well.

3. French Montana came 20-deep onto the court during an out of bounds play and stopped a game for 10 minutes.

4. There was a boy band in the house that was covering Justin Bieber songs. They weren't too bad.

5. Due to people drinking away their sorrows, Barclays Center was running out of beer so fast they had to limit each beer purchase to one per customer. Couldn't even get a buzz on.

6. We overheard a dude tell another dude that he couldn't believe how unorganized the event was and he dropped $200 on tickets just to pee in the bathroom. Yikes.

7. The entire GS9 clique came onto the court to perform Bobby Shmurda's "Hot Nigga" without Bobby Shmurda. The scene devolved into chaos and somehow 150 people bum-rushed the court. An unnamed blogger/photographer in skinny jeans was clotheslined by a security guard while trying to capture the moment.

8. The buffalo wings at the Barclays Center are pretty solid.

9. Fabolous performed and every girl in attendance almost had a heart attack. Girls love Fabolous.

10. Apparently Wale's DMV team won but the event was so long and boring we left before the final game could even start.

Yeah, that's it, that's all. Sadly, there isn't much else to say about the event other than it had great potential and poor execution. We're still huge fans of the EBC, we just wish the event was as exciting as we were told it was to be.