Remember the last time Puma racing sneakers were hot in these skreets? Because four years ago, the only people willing to be caught dead in a pair was the cast of Jersey Shore. But that's all in the past now.

Puma's push to be cool again should be taken seriously, seriously. It's already yielded high-end collaborations with Ronnie Fieg and DSM, alongside some great in-house designing. Case in point: these F/W 2014 Blaze Swift Techs, a redesign of their Blaze of Glory silhouette. Seemingly mixing an Adidas Raf Simons sneaker and an Adidas Rick Owens Springblade, the Swift Tech is much, MUCH easier on the eye and (probably) on our wallets. Also, if they're anything like the Blaze of Glory joints, you know they're coming through with some killer comfort for those long walks.

We're excited to see what else Puma's return to form has in store. Keep your eye out for the Blaze Swift Techs to hit stores this upcoming fall/winter.