Okay, Profound Aesthetic is a profoundly bad name for a brand. And, okay, Profound Aesthetic's Fall 2014 collection, "From Across a Distant Sky," has a profoundly bad name as well. But we're not going to knock them, because the clothes are good.

For this latest collection, the brand drew inspiration from "rugged military workwear clashing with clean, linear lines." That minimalism gives the looks an En Noir-like vibe.

The brand is everything that a hip-hop Tumblr kid is asking for at the moment, and the gear comes at a pretty decent price point, allowing said hip-hop Tumblr kids to actually get a piece of the collection.

Profound Aesthetic, as a brand, definitely has potential, and we're excited to see where they go from here. A couple of wrong moves and this brand can be the next Zoo York or Obey — successful but corny. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being the best-selling brand at an Urban Outfitters, as long as that's what you're trying to be. Make that $$$$.

Grab a piece or two of From Across a Distant Sky when it goes on sale at Profound Aesthetic's webstore on August 13 at midnight.