Americans in modern times tend to vote for the president they'd most like to have a beer with (turns out this is both the cause of, and solution to, all of the nation's problems). Whatever your political affiliations, you have to admit that our last three presidents were all chill bros outside of the White House duties: Bill Clinton was a smooth sax man who always knew how to, uh, close a deal, George W. Bush was a simple frat bro who knew how take care of land, and Barack Obama is an intellectual who knows the difference between The Blueprint and Tha Carter. There's no doubting that Obama is the coolest of the three, but this week he cemented his status as the dopest motherfucker to ever lead the free world with two moments of pure swag.

First, we know he smoked cigarettes and enjoyed marijuana back in the day, and days ago he showed he was still down with the cause. While visiting the legal marijuana haven known as Colorado, a Denver stoner asked him to toke up. Obama responded to the question, "You wanna hit this?" with a knowing smile — the evidence is right there in the video! Imagine the gaff we'd be meme-ing if it were any other politician.

That was followed this morning by an Emmy nomination. His hilarious, shockingly un-neutered episode of Between Two Ferns was nominated for Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program. The fact that he won't get a trophy if it were to win isn't the point. The point is that he not only went onto a consistently hilarious and downright weird web series, but ended up giving us one of the best episodes the Zach Galifianakis vehicle has ever seen.

Sure, Abe Lincoln rocked the unrockable beard-and-top-hat combo, William Howard Taft was so indulgent and gluttonous he once got stuck in the bathtub, and Teddy Roosevelt took a slug to the chest and still gave a speech as scheduled instead of going straight to the hospital. Those are all power moves for sure. But none of that tops being a pop culture king who's down with the chronic.