The Yeezus Tour is currently on its Australian leg, so during some down time Kanye & Co. hit up a local gym in Perth to play some pickup ball. And while it's hard to tell from a few photos whether Kanye can actually hoop or not, it looks like he went between-the-legs crossover on some old white Aussie bro. Which could indicate that despite his clear lack of real basketball gear and possible man boobs, Mr. West might have handle.

Then again, considering that this progression of photos shows Ye doing a lot of dribbling in one place and never actually getting past his man, who looks to be about 50, it's entirely possible that the God-level emcee is actually just this guy on the court:

Truth be told, despite the low-top'd ness of his kicks (you're not Kobe) we're not all that mad at his sneaker selection — after all, the adidas Pure Boost is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market right now, whether you're walking to the bodega or battling international basketball challengers. We're still waiting on Kanye and the three stripes to drop some real fire collabs soon, too. Scroll through the photos above to see highlights from Kanye's impromptu hoop sesh.

Also are we just not gonna talk about the fact that Yeezy out here looking like an exact replica of fat Ray Felton? Just gonna leave this here:

[via @teamkanyedaily]