It's 2014, which means that every kid old enough to think a stupid tweet has a Twitter page, and they're probably tweeting at this exact moment. As stupid as the tweets is that these kids don't realize how many people are watching. Tweeps is watching, dawg. Including college recruiters — not only in athletics, best believe administrators are peeping high school butt-chugging contests on Instagram — like the ones in Penn State's football program.

Nittany Lions offensive line coach Herb Hand tweeted out the following early Wednesday morning:

You're reading that right — Penn State literally took a kid off their recruiting board because of his social media activity. Welcome to 2014, people. Where old white dudes are scanning your mentions for shady material as part of "the recruiting process."

Will this unnamed recruit land somewhere else, where they don't care about such minutia, and flourish? Probably. But in a world where only the tiniest percentile of high school athletes make it to college, let alone to a Division I football program, this is a pretty stupid way to lose your shot at a free education, and possible an NFL career. Sadly, by the time most 15-year-old prospects realize this fact, it's already too late. It's the same reason why, two decades from now, this country will have a hard time finding a President without dozens of embarrassing selfies on file.

The moral of the story is this: Don't tweet anything offensive. And if you're going to send a dick pic, do it on Snapchat. Duh.