Our visit to the menswear trade shows was brief, but we made a lot of friends in the process. Enter P.A.M., the Melbourne-based streetwear label headed by Misha Hollenbach and Ashuana Toohey, who met on the streets as graffiti artists. In fact, P.A.M. stands for Perks and Mini, a combination of their tag names. "We met on the streets, now we're taking it to the streets," Misha exclusively tells ANTENNA.

This season, the name of their F/W 2014 collection is also a twist on this same acronym, Pro Active Mutation, and it was inspired by the music of Detroit techno duo Drexciya. Toohey breaks down the title letter by letter: "The concepts of 'mutation' arise from this music. The 'active' nature of the clothing stems from a further obsession with nocturnal cycling. The 'pro' comes not from professional but the meaning of affirmation; we have a completely pro-, positive outlook on life."

The resulting collection is full of eye-popping patterns and nontraditional shapes — inspired by, for example, seafood bouillabaisse or hallucinogenic mushrooms — that resonate within the hip-hop community. "It seems some rappers like weed, hot dogs, and bananas," Toohey jokes.

"All the graphics we do come from what we love and/or what we are doing at the time," Hollenbach explains. "The world is an amazing place, full of amazing things and experiences. [The designs are] our means of sharing with others where [we are] and what we are doing, loving, and engaging with."

For more about what inspires Perks and Mini, we put Misha Hollenbach through the ANTENNA Q+A. Read on below.

1. What was your favorite childhood cartoon and why?

Actually, I loved this one but don't know what it's called and haven't clearly found it. But it was definitely Japanese, with Oni (monsters) with one horn on top of their heads. Please anyone: any tips?

2. When you go to the movie theater, what's your must-have candy or popcorn situation?

I like making a type of trail mix, with M&M'S and popcorn, or anything else that goes in. A spiritual uplift in the carpark is always recommended also.

3. What's the best TV show out right now?

TV. Haven't seen one in 10 years! We don't have a TV as such, and OZ cable sucks, as does iTunes! We do, however, have a great library of film, animation, and [documentaries]. I really still like Twin Peaks, though.

4. Kobe or LeBron?

Kobe beef! Wagyu!

5. Favorite Disney Princess?


6. When is the last time you Googled yourself? Why?

Sometimes I do just to see what's going on the world with me in it. Or what's perceived as happening. Actually, I am quite private, the public view is slightly interesting, but not really.

7. What's your shower routine?

Highly recommended and I do almost every day: Drink water through your nose. Flush out the crap. No more allergies!

8. What do you think happens when you die?

You die. It's very easy to understand. Just think about a tree or a butterfly. Have fun whilst you're alive. Sorry to say there's not much after. Or maybe there is!

9. Tell us about your biggest heartbreak?

Never had one.

10. President Obama in one word...