Yo, what the fuck is up with Our Legacy's F/W 2014 lookbook? We can't even fake like we know what's going on in this thing like we usually do because, like, we just have no idea what's going on. To be honest, we don't even know if Our Legacy knows what's going on here, but we think that was the whole point. From what we can make out of this art-school-emo-thesis-project lookbook titled "Light," Our Legacy is continuing to produce weird normcore stuff with a little bit of cool injected here and there. That design algorithm has launched Our Legacy into the stratosphere of top menswear brands of the moment and well beyond — the mesosphere (boom, earth science.)

We're not worried about this crazy lookbook, because no matter what Our Legacy puts out it always seems to look great. These dudes haven't had a brick collection in years.

[Via GQ]