That's it. Wrap it up. Murder in cold blood. The sneaker of 2014 has been unveiled. The Nike + R.T. AF1 "Beige" just walked up in the club, kicked your teeth in, and stole your girl.

We've told you not to sleep on the Nike + R.T. AF1 collaborations of the past, and this release is no different. Not only because this will be the final colorway of the Nike + R.T. AF1 collaboration, but because these are by far THE MOST FUCKING FIRE-HOT-MAGMA-PETROL-GAS-BLUE-FLAME SNEAKER EVER. Seriously, if there was ever a sneaker for there to be a mall riot about, this is the sneaker to do it for. Actually, if you don't step on someone's face while trying to cop a pair of these sneakers you might not be trying hard enough and don't even deserve to be wearing a pair of these — god's gift to us plebeians.

Nike has decided to release all four silhouettes of the sneakers again; no word yet on if they may be trolling us with the hideous knee-high boot iterations of the sneakers. Those need to kick rocks. According to Nike Inc. all four silhouettes are set to release on October 16 and will be sure to cause a huge stir outside of any retailer who decides to sell them, so bring your nun-chucks.

(Disclaimer: We don't condone violence over sneakers in any way, shape, or form. Please be responsible and conduct yourselves in an orderly fashion if you decide to buy these sneakers. We're kidding about the rioting stuff, idiots.)