The Nike + Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1 is back for Round 2, and it's not to be trifled with. We know, at first glance the sneakers are pretty weak, but we promise they look much, much better in person. Why's that?, you may be asking yourself. It's in the premium materials used — these definitely aren't just black AF1s with some color thrown on 'em. The leather is legit, and the swoosh even uses a tumbled brown leather for an great extra detail from Givenchy's creative mind himself. You just can't go wrong with a pair of these R.T. AF1s, whether in the low, mid, high, or boot designs. (Joking. You definitely can go wrong with the boots. Don't buy the boots.) Tisci apparently has a real love of the AF1 and put his heart and soul into the collaboration: "It was not work. It was a celebration — a celebration of life in the sense of a celebration of something," he says. "I believe it, I wear it, and I love and I respect it...” Yea, sure whatever, bro, just keep making cool stuff and we're going to keep buying it.

The sneakers drop on Thursday, July 17. No word on price yet, but the first release was priced between $230 to $340.

[via Nice Kicks]