You already know Nike makes the smoothest rides for the feet of elite athletes worldwide. Now, the Swoosh wants to give those some athletes the smoothest possible ride — in a private jet. Above are photos of a specially designed plane made just for professional athletes.

Nike teamed up with Seattle-based design firm Teague, which  did the original designs for the interior of the Boeing 777 planes, to envision these swagged out PJs. You should read the whole piece from WIRED, but here's a small snippet to go along with the photos you see above.

Studies show that athletes who cross more than three timezones end up with a 60 percent chance of losing their games. While team owners pay hundreds of millions of dollars building customized training facilities to eke out tiny improvements in player conditioning, they still subject their star centers to the crooked necks that come from flying in chartered, but nonetheless commercial, jets.

Seattle-based design firm Teague has been developing airline interiors for almost as long as there have been airplanes and recently joined forces with Nike to create a concept cabin that is meant to swaddle athletes in supreme comfort—and, in doing so, unlock their peak performance.

We're talking futuristic urinals that measure hydration levels — no, seriously, that's one of the innovations. Not to mention sleeping pods outfitted with each player's number and flyknit privacy canopies, all big enough to fit a seven-footer comfortably. Because while it looks more like a post-game club atmosphere from the year 3030, the idea is to create an environment for players to relax and recover.

[via Sneaker Mob]