Yeak, okay, these Nike Air Pegasus '89s are boring. But they're so boringly awesome that you have no choice but to cop them ASAP.

You're probably not going to get many compliments from young-fly hunnies with these kicks on, but those cougars! Those cougars know the deal when it comes to smart and sensible shoes. Like, at some point during their 40+ years of life, women grow an appreciation for arch support and thick soles. Add that fact to the Air Pegasus' $100 price tag, and suddenly you're the most sensible and "mature" 22-year-old bro on the planet. Hell, they'll see you wearing a pair of these and it'll jog those old ladies' memories back to their nostalgic high school days and the popular boy who wore the Nike Air Pegasus legit in 1989. Boom, you're in.

In short: Buy these sneakers, date cougars.