Hollywood never learns. With Paramount's Ninja Turtles exhumation topping box offices in its first weekend despite pitiable reviews, Lionsgate has grabbed a shovel of its own. The company announced Wednesday (August 13) that a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie will hit theaters on July 22, 2016.

Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, the writing team behind X-Men: First Class and Thor, are signed on to reimagine the hit '90s kids show for the modern screen. No director or actors are attached to the project yet.

The original series premiered in 1993 as part of Fox's afterschool lineup, with a very basic premise: Three male and two crush-inducing female American high-school students morph into masked ninjas to fight intergalactic enemies. Each ranger was associated with a color and a biomechanical animal, called a Zord. When the threat reached gigantic proportions, the Zords combined to form Megazord, a Transformer-like robot. The Americanized series reused the action and villain scenes from Japanese show Super Sentai (or "fighting squadron").

Those fight scenes lent Power Rangers pasted-together and subtly racist qualities. Like, did you ever notice that the original yellow ranger's body double was male, despite the character being played by Vietnamese actress Thuy Trang? Or that the black ranger was played by the only black cast member, Walter Emanuel Jones?

However unlikely the new Power Rangers movie is to honor or even acknowledge those hallmarks, one thing is certain: Everything you held sacred in your childhood will one day be victim to Hollywood's soulless reboot machine.