Scott Pilgrim's gone solo. On Wednesday, the Internet caught wind of a new album uploaded by Michael Cera to song-sharing platform Bandcamp. Though the authenticity of the account is undisputed — it is in fact an official handle — the songs, interludes, and sketches contained on true that are indelibly Michael Cera. Which is to say, the album is as subdued and weird and twee as the aloof and diffident character Cera embodies.

Of the eighteen tracks on the record, 13 of them under three minutes long. The work is tagged "alternative," "dirty," "hello," "home recording," "modest music," and "New York." There's whistling, ethereal oooh-ahhhing, Cera's wispy crooning, tinny acoustic strumming, and disjointed folk improvisations that play like the soundtrack to a slapstick silent film starring the gangly boychick.

Best known for his roles in Juno, Superbad, and Arrested Development, Cera made his musical chops known in the film adaptation of the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim, playing bass and singing backup vocals. He's also toured as a bass player in indie-rock "supergroup" Mister Heavenly, is a member of two bands, and sang on Weezer's "Hang On."

Listen to and/or buy Michael Cera's true that album on Bandcamp.

Here's Cera playing with the cast of Scott Pilgrim as fictional band Sex Bob-Omb.