You ever seen a 5-panel hat? Sure you have, but have you ever seen one as luxurious at this Melin 5-panel? We doubt it. That's because Melin used some of the most premium materials on this hat, thus making it one of the more luxurious hats we've seen in recent memory. The hat sports a premium brushed suede on the panels of the crown while the brim is made of full grain lamb nappa leather — those are like, luxurious as fuck and we've hardly ever seen material like that used on a hat. In addition to those features, the under visor of the hat is a black suede, while the inner crown is lined with moisture wicking performance fabric — probably because you'll be sweating a brick when you turn down the wrong block and get paranoid about someone snatching this off your head. OH YEAH, we didn't even mention that this hat features a "stash" pocket to stash all of your marijuana cigarettes. God damn, what can't this hat do? Rumors have it that the hat also features a vending machine that only sells peanut m&m's but we couldn't get confirmation on that. Buy a hat and let us know in the comments below.

The hat is available right now on Melin's web store but at $180 it ain't for no #brokeboyz.