Does your shitty little apartment have its own name? And not a nickname you gave it, like "The Hot Spot" or "The Chill Zone." Nah, like a real, actual name that people call the estate. Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli just bought a house — matter fact, property, fam — that's called "Steppingstone." That's some uppity, highfalutin celebrity stunner shit.

It's on a hill in the English countryside because, yes, Super Mario is back in the English Premier League this season. (Which means that this is only the first awesome thing Balotelli will do this season, by the way.) Reportedly worth nearly $8 million, the house features a pool (duh), a wine cellar (also duh), a helipad (necessary) and TWO soccer fields — one indoor, one outdoor, fit for 5v5 because YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN A GAME IS GOING TO BREAK OUT, SON.

Not to mention there's probably hella bedrooms for Mario and Fanny to get busy. Here are a few more photos, thanks to Babb:

[via Deadspin]