The brahs over at Lightning Bolt have dropped their S/S 15 lookbook and it's much better than we were expecting. First off, the clothing is actually wearable outside of California, unlike Quicksilver and Reef. Secondly, shout out to Lightning Bolt for letting us believe that no matter how mangy we become, there will be a tall, pretty model who will still be into us. A man can dream.

The lookbook shows that Lightning Bolt is taking design seriously, helping them transcend the label of "surf brand" to a "surfing-inspired brand." They've truly created some very wearable garments that we'll be super excited to wear come next spring. We're actually looking forward to wearing that drug rug/hoodie situation. We don't condone doing drugs (cough), but we're not against looking like we do. Plus, all of the cool kids in movies wore drug rugs. We want to be one of the cool kids.