The father and son team over at Lease On Life Society have released their NY inspired F/W 2014 collection titled BRVDO2. First thought: pretty fucking fire. Second thought: these shirts ACTUALLY want to make us color block, something that GQ has been shoving down our throats for the past 5 years. Give it a rest, GQ.

Some of the highlights in the collection are, well, kind of really everything. The brand did some great cut and sew work and kept the collection around one simple color palette, which for a young brand like this helps provide an identity. We would try to talk about one piece, but each piece is so good we don't want to make the other pieces feel bad. It's obvious that there's an aesthetic that is wished to be achieved, and all of the clothing fits within that aesthetic, which surprisingly, many young brands don't seem to understand when they're producing clothing during the early years.

This isn't just any young brand, Lease on Life Society is one of the better brands out right now that doesn't seem to be getting the attention it deserves. They're true up and comers that are just waiting for someone, anyone, with some kind of clout to put them on, and they deserve it. Hopefully, that will all change in the coming years.

You guys heard it here first, Lease on Life Society is going to be fucking great.

The collection is set to release Sunday, September 7th, at the Lease On Life Society web store.