When we come across a brand that we fuck with, we write about it. When we come across a brand that we fuck with and can easily afford, we fuck with it extra heavy and actually buy the gear. So, when it comes to West Coast based brand KNYEW, we're buying everything. KNYEW stands for "Keeping New York Everywhere" and while the name may need a little work, the brand definitely helps keep NY everywhere with its aesthetic, one that's very popular with SoHo kids.

As many of you probably know, the oversized and monochromatic trend that brands such as En Noir, PSNY, and John Elliot + Co have made so popular is very hot in these NYC skreets. KNYEW stays in line with that aesthetic, but at a much more reasonable price point than the aforementioned brands. That means there can be no more whining like, "Waahhh, waaahhh. Why are these long t-shirts so expensive? Do zippers on sweaters really make them that much more expensive? Does this sting when I pee mean I have UTI?" SHUT UP. Buy the gear! Be fly.

KNYEW has its own web store that sells its in-house line and other likeminded labels that would be well suited for all of you young go-hards so check them out.