Kevin Gates' "Posed to Be in Love" is a tale of doomed love and domestic abuse. It is completely repulsive and utterly throttling at the same time. Breakup songs are supposed to make you shrivel into your cocoon of darkness and do some amateur philosophizing; this one has you shuddering from the tale but still screaming for your boys to get on your fucking level. That's why the XXL 2014 Freshman is so great — he melds the thudding aggression of goon rap with a bracing sincerity and passion that can be heard in his weathered voice.

"Posed to Be in Love" is the hardest #sadboy song ever made, so it's about time it got a video that's equally intense. Gates raps as a couple goes through a heated argument and soon things get violent, the video serving as a reminder of the ugliness simmering under the song's brutal stomp. This shit makes "Love the Way You Lie" look like "Same Love." Check it out below.