Today in fashion people being weird, Kenzo has made an interactive 3-D virtual art gallery all in the name of "art." This is probably the weirdest thing we've seen since the sixth grade, basically because these graphics are reminiscent exactly the same as a Counter Strike map. No bullshit, start clicking through this thing and you'll start sweating in anxiety that a Counter-Terrorist is going to pop out from a corner and jump-crouch into the air with a deagle on deck spraying for his n00b life.

The project was designed to showcase Carol Lim and Humberto Leon's pre-fall 2014 collection and is called "Grace to the Nth Power," appropriately named for feature model Grace Bol. The model and her male accomplice, Sang Woo Kim, ransack the gallery and replace the artwork with videos of them stealing the artwork. Fun, right?

It gets better, Kenzo leaves an "exit" door for you to slide directly into their web store to buy the collection. WOW, TALK ABOUT MONETIZING THIS FREE ART GALLERY.

We don't understand why Kenzo would try to represent this decent collection with a piece of Windows 98 virtual reality but it's ART. We're not supposed to understand.