Keegan Bradley is 28 years old and loves Air Jordans. He also happens to have a Major Golf Championship to his name and access to the entire Jordan Brand closet. Forget Rory McIlroy, this guy is living.

Even if you don't pay close attention to golf, you should be tuning in most weekends just to peep the 2011 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year's strong kick game. A St. John's grad and big-time sports fan, Bradley inked a Jordan deal, and instantly became the freshest player on tour.

"Yes, I’m an official Jordan athlete and I’m very proud of that," Bradley said in an interview with SLAM Magazine's Ben Osborne earlier this year. I’m the first golfer to be with them. It’s funny, nothing I’ve ever done in my career, on or off the golf course, has caused as much of a stir as me being with Jordan Brand. It speaks to how much people care about him and the shoes."

Bradley's Jumpman sponsorship has also afforded him the opportunity to become friends with the logo himself — he hits the links with Michael Jordan regularly when the pair are in Florida. Don't worry, he gives Mike 11 strokes to start.

Don't believe Keegan is the biggest sneakerhead on the PGA Tour? Scroll through the photos above to see a selection of his best Jordans, on and off the golf course.