Kanye West spent his weekend in London headlining the Wireless Festival for three nights, and after his July 5 show, he joined his buddy Virgil Abloh and reportedly spun 20 new songs at Cafe Royal Hotel. Ye forum Kanye To The has a roundup of some of the tweets and Instagram posts from attendees, including a bunch from the venue's DJ who claims the new tunes were "dark, hellish, and groundshaking." (Compare that to Billboard's prior report that the album is "mostly a mixture of soul samples and tamed Yeezus-esque darkness... nothing abrasive.") And apparently Frank Ocean was in attendance, so feel free to speculate that he's on the new album, too.

No video has surfaced, but our hunch is that West was testing out the material on club speakers, and maybe even wanted to gauge public reaction to the cuts. Not that he cared at all about how listeners would react to Yeezus (he's already gone on record saying he actively chose to antagonize people by opening that album with the chaotic electro of "On Sight").

Head below for some of the eyewitness accounts.

[via Complex]