UPDATE: The Vibes! tracklist has been revealed, and this song is actually called "Can't Stop My Love."

Kanye West guest verses are increasingly rare these days, and they certainly fail to give any sort of insight into his current state of mind (case in point: his "Diamonds" remix came smack in the middle of his Yeezus era). Still, his latest feature — on Theophilus London's "Can't Stop" — is intriguing because it has Ye resurrecting the sarcastic, gold digger-slamming jokester of his early days.

A leaked snippet of the track which appears to contain his entire verse has hit the web, and it includes such Kanye 1.0 lines as "You're still ratchet 'cause they play your favorite song and you twerk" and "If this party ain't got hoes, my intro's my outro."

West also references his Sway meltdown, like a smaller stakes version of Bey's self-aware elevator rhyme on the "Flawless" remix, but to us, it's clear he has put all his energy into the Yeezus tour and follow-up album and had only fumes left for this (same could be said for his "I Won" verse, tbh).

The song is set to appear on London's forthcoming album Vibes!, which was executive produced by West and is out October 28.