Early this morning, 30 seconds of a new Kanye West track called “Black Bruce Wayne” leaked, allegedly obtained by KanyeToThe for $500.

At first glance, the snippet showcases Kanye's terrible grasp of the French language, as he spits: “Ooh la la, très bien, magnifique, any street.”

But the line might also be a reference to one of Ye’s favorite stores, Très Bien. Despite its French name (it translates to "fine"), Très Bien is a Swedish store that specializes in Scandinavian minimalism, mixing high-end designer clothing with the coolest streetwear brands. It's also one of the few European stores stocking Kanye's A.P.C. x BEEN TRILL collection.

If you see a guy shopping at Très Bien, he’ll probably look like he just rolled out of bed in his pajama sweater — which, as it turns out, actually cost him a solid two bills. Head to their site to cop the dopest outfits before Kanye has the chance to.