Images and prices for Kanye West's new Fall/Winter 2014 collaboration with A.P.C. have surfaced, and we have to admit the stuff is pretty fire. Regretfully, we have to inform you of how expensive all of the gear is. We hate to be the bearer of bad news but the price tags range from $90 to $2,865, so yea, the line is a little too expensive even for our Style Editor here at ANTENNA. Of course, because of the brand being A.P.C. the price for basics is going to already be high, but add Kanye's name to that and a white tee will suddenly become $90.

Didn't Kanye claim he was going to make clothing for his fans? When is that going to happen, you ask? The truth is never. 

Here's why: If Kanye dropped something the hood can afford, the fashion world wouldn't take him seriously. And for a self-proclaimed "genius" who claims to give no fucks, he's a walking contradiction. He's scared to death of what fashion thinks of him. "Now who's gonna be the Medici family and stand up and let me create more?" Kanye yelled out on Sway's morning show. Apparently, geniuses can beg for help, too — and throw temper-tantrums on peaceful Rastafarian Sway Dizzle's radio show, instead of creating solutions to their problems.