Kanye recently took to the one place where he isn't censored, the stage, to release a bit of information about his next Yeezy release. In the video above Kanye confirmed the news to his fans that his new Yeezy sneaker, now being released through adidas as opposed to Nike, will be available this November as scheduled. You can hear the exact quote from Yeezus himself around the 2:50 mark in the Youtube video.

"I feel good because we've been working hard. We got the new Yeezys, the Yeezy IIIs coming in November. And this is just the beginning," Kanye states when speaking to the fans.

Kanye may not be able to use the "Yeezy" name due to legal issues with Nike, but he has seemed to dub the sneaker with the name anyways, even if unofficial. As other news outlets have stated, Kanye may have to change the spelling of the name to "Yeezi" to help stave off legal issues.

The details of it all are still hairy, but keep it locked to ANTENNA to stay up to date on all information Kanye.


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