Men have always had problems with justifying price when buying clothes. How many times have you heard a guy say, "$200? I can just get the same thing for 60 bucks at the Gap!" Or maybe you are that guy. We understand your gripe and sometimes we can't believe how much the shit costs ourselves, but this is America, and capitalism is the name of the game. The flip side is that this is America, where if your price point is too high, someone will come in with a product just as good and sell it for much cheaper, rendering you obsolete. That's the true American way, so it's ironic that Japanese brand Kamakura seems to be doing it much better than American brands, in America.

Kamakura was originally started in 1993 as a small luxury shirt store in Japan with the motto “Quality shirts at affordable prices," and we can tell you, they deliver on that motto. The label makes immaculately cut shirts in great fabrics that rival some of the best shirt companies in the world, only to have their prices start at $79.00. That's only a little bit more than the Gap but as everyone knows, "Be better than the Gap." The variety of shirts Kamakura makes is expansive, having everything from basic OCBD's for the uneducated fashion man to a Bengal striped cutaway collar for the sartorially inclined. Their web shop will have everything you'll need for an interview, night on the town, or black tie affair. They've really thought of everything, so all you need to worry about is the $$$$$. Well, only $$ if this was a Zagat review.