The first of Junya Watanabe's F/W 2014 collection has trickled into Haven Shop, and the Japanese designer has stayed true to what he loves with more patchworked workwear. Listen, we love Junya, his designs are a refreshing blast of newness to a tired and bland workwear scene, but when is the mixture of textiles and patchwork gear going to run its course? Like our dude Al Gore always says, there's a finite number of materials on this planet. We're pretty sure Junya has used a good 83% percent of those materials (including fossil fuels) in his designs and it may be getting played out.

We love the plaid shirts and chambray mixtures, but how are they any different from the plaid shirt/chambray combo we wore to Thanksgiving last year? How many plaids can one possibly wear on a shirt? Are you depleting the world's chambray resources with each one of your collections? What's the square root of this room?

These questions and many more will go unanswered, but we will never be silenced. If you want to look good in this Junya collection while starting a revolution with us you can buy the gear here.