If you’re like us, whenever you are forced to interact with another member of the human race, whether it’s on the subway, at the office, or over the phone (especially over the phone), you feel a crushing weight pulling you down, a black hole of bleakness and despair caused by the widespread ineptitude of humans other than yourself. The weight of the world’s stupidity is suffocating.

Well, Julian Assange feels your pain. The WikiLeaks founder did a Reddit AMA today, and while much of it was a high-minded exchange on the nature of freedom and the complicated balance between open democracy and national security secrets, one thing in particular stood out for us proud cynics: Assange thinks the world is full of morons, too.

"When we are aware of the world and the scale of its inhumanity and stupidity we feel small," Assange said, and we’ve already spraypainted the quote onto our office wall.

He did add a glimmer of hope, though, saying, “By thinking globally we become overwhelmed with the scale of the problems to be solved. However the Internet permits many people to act globally in a way they couldn’t before. WikiLeaks is a realisation of this tension. By releasing materials on many parts of the world, we empower others to think and act.”

Read the whole thing here, and note that the AMA was cut short for the most Assange reason possible: “I would love to carry on answering but I have a press conference with the Foreign Minister of Ecuador.”