Ray Rice is no longer a Baltimore Raven, nor will he be playing football for a while, as he serves an indefinite suspension. He's been dropped from endorsers like Nike and Madden. News is still flying around about whether or not the powers that be at the NFL had seen the graphic video of Rice punching out his wife in an Atlantic City casino elevator, and if so, why it took so long to hand down a more deserving punishment to Rice than a pitiful two games.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been almost unanimously criticized for his handling of the Rice situation. But perhaps no one went in on Goodell like Jon Stewart did on Wednesday night, when he eviscerated the Commish on The Daily Show, saying what we've pretty much all been thinking: "NFL, You done fucked up."

Stewart skewers Goodell for his double-talk, calls Rice an "All-Pro elevatory puncher," and points out the ridiculousness of Ray Lewis being looked at to comment on any of this. He finishes it all off with, "So NFL, maybe the next time you attempt to bury the damaging information about your league's conduct, I guess we'll know to throw the red challenge flag."


[via The Wire]