Johnny Manziel is unquestionably the coolest player to enter the NFL in decades. Is he full of himself? Definitely. Is he kind of a douche? Probably. But damn if he isn't tons of fun. On the field and off. Gotta give dude credit for sticking with his YOLO mantra no matter how many nerdy old white reporters ask him why he keeps going to Vegas every weekend. Manziel is bringing the fun back to the No Fun League. You can't deny this.

Right now, everyone is all worked up about this photo of Johnny Football, which surfaced over the weekend via Busted Coverage:

Yes, that's Manziel, in a Las Vegas bathroom, rolling up money. If you want to read into it more than that, we don't blame you. We jumped to the same conclusions. Immediately. But frankly, we don't care. As a matter of fact, it only underscores the fact that you're completely sleeping on the dopest t-shirt currently available on the Internet.

If the term "Money Manziel" wasn't already spot-on before this photo was leaked, well, these things will be flying off the shelf at warp speed starting today. For the moment, there are still plenty of tees in stock at Nike, in all sizes. Ours are in the mail, best believe. Can't wait to see homie hit the field in the fall.

Also, PSA for bros: Please never take a photo of another bro in a bathroom. No further explanation needed.

[via Nike Store]