John Elliott + Co has dropped a little sneak peak of their Spring/Summer 2015 line and it's making us sweat just by looking at it. It's looking so damn good we're just going to wear it all the way into fall. Heatstroke is worth it.

Mr. Elliott is hitting us with a new crewneck sweatshirt titled the "Clash." The Clash sweatshirt features two pockets — one on the chest for pens and knickknacks, and one on the sleeve for your weed. (Don't quote us on the weed tip because we're not sure that it's for weed, but we're also not sure that it's NOT for weed.) Speaking of weed and possibly getting sued for libel, the garments are all made in U.S. using Japanese materials, so suck on that, Republicans. John Elliott is feeding the economy one weed-pocket at a time.

More info is to come on the logistics of copping these jawnz, but until then pop on over to their web store to grab yourself some cozy boy gear right now.

[Via GQ]