After dropping his debut mixtape 1999 in 2012, Joey Bada$$ has transitioned to a gruffer, more aggressive flow, and that continues on his new single "Big Dusty." Despite the slight stylistic change, he's as lyrical as ever, here delivering a couple of verses over the type of jazzy, boomb bap head-bobber he thrives on, this one from Kirk Knight.

There's a particularly head-spinning Halloween-centric string — "Might put a halloween between your spleen / Retreat or trickle down to your last pound of green, know what I mean / This shit is like taking candy from the babies / Some of these rappers is just a bunch of now and laters" — and if the rest of his debut album B4.DA.$$ is like this, we're gonna be mad spiteful. Because that means we'll have to type out its special-character-nightmare of a title a lot more.

The New York MC's highly anticipated debut is due out later this year, and "Big Dusty" is the lead single. Hear it below.

[via Hip Hop N More]