Oh what, y'all thought trap couldn't make its way up to Toronto, home of slick Rap&B and precious indie rock? Well Jazz Cartier is here with "Set Fire," sounding like A$AP Mob's long lost Canadian member. And it does not oversell with that title, this is a fire flames heater [fire emoji] [fire emoji] melting all that snow in Toronto (we Americans just assume there's always snow in Canada).

Cartier delivers most of the rhymes here in a smirking bellow, but he's got a pretty elastic cadence, allowing him to coast over Lantz's frantic beat, which loops a melted synth stab over some EDM-tinged trap percussion.

The result is a gloriously clattering banger, which Cartier calls "The sound of downtown Toronto" — ya know, that realm that belonged to Drake before he got too big for local scenes, and to The Weeknd before Abel started releasing softies with Ariana Grande. Based on this cut, and the fact that Jazz's Get Home Safe art collective is known for its underground parties in Toronto, we're more than happy to let him fill that void.

"Set Fire" is off Jazz's forthcoming project, Marauding In Paradise. Check out the Aaron A-directed video up top.