Listen, we're no fashion insiders with extensive closets over here. We're not GQ, getting bundles of free gear in the mail every day and (for now) we have less fashion clout than those dudes. We're just regular guys with an affinity for fashion, just like you. Sure, one day, we want to get to a level where we can buy the HOT shit, but until then we're still shopping to find the best deal around. That's why we're still big fans of the consistent J.Crew. Yes, buying gear from your local mall's J.Crew means Bob from accounting may have the same one, but take solace in the fact that you're both just well-dressed guys, even if Bob is a lame and accounting sucks. You can't buy swag, is what we're saying. It's an intangible, and wearing J.Crew won't deplete that.

Regardless of what you may believe about the brand, we promise you that an outfit from J.Crew will keep you looking like the #1 stunna you were born to be (just stay away from the boat shoes). As proof, here are the 10 best short sleeves we could find from the J.Crew website that are perfect for those hot summer days. Grab yourselves a couple or eight, no matter what you can't go wrong with these options.