Technical super brand Isaora is back with a run of swimwear that we can fuck with, HEAVILY. Maybe back in the day you wanted a pair of those "sweet" oversized floral print board shorts from Pacsun (obviously drawing from personal experience.) But it's time to grow up and get a pair of trunks that work for you while you work for the fly hunnies on the beach. Speaking of the beach, all of the trunks have technology to get you drier faster when you get out of the water, making them perfect for the car ride home. We shouldn't even have to mention the comfort of the swimwear because you guys should already know Isaora doesn't mess around with that.

The trunks start at $85, while the black "Welded Boardshort" is going for $98, and at the top of the list is the printed board short going for $135. You can grab them from the web store and check out the rest of their great technical selection from t-shirts to sweatpants.