It wouldn't be a normal day at the office if we didn't write about an absurdly priced pair of boring sneakers. In today's feature: Saint Laurent Panelled Leather Sneakers. These are quite possibly the most basic pair of sneakers I've ever seen, and somehow they still cost $695. Yeah, you read that right, $695. Sure, the quality of the leather on these is undoubtedly great, but unless SLP created a sneaker that lasts us two years of daily wear without ever breaking down, we're not even going to think about dropping that much money on a pair of kicks.

Hedi Slimane, you win, your taste is too expensive for us plebeians. You're better than us for having such expensive shoes. We're sure the leather on these sneakers comes from only the finest of baby cows, baby cows whose veal meat we probably couldn't even afford. You win. We'll be crying ourselves to sleep tonight.