Remember French brand Harmony Paris that had the innanet going nuts not too long ago? Yeah well, their e-commerce shop has finally opened up and you need to get up on that shit. We're not going to lie — the clothing is a bit higher in price than we were originally expecting, but that just means we're going to need to save a bit more for the #flyness.

The brand's outerwear runs from €330-€720 but the majority of outerwear is around the €450 range. The trousers are all €185, suits are €430, and knitwear is in the €250 range. The prices aren't too bad (in relation to all of the other expensive shit we write about,) but we were just expecting something around 100 euros less for each piece.

Designer David Obadia really did a great job with this debut collection and we're hoping he can provide more of this in the future.