David Obadia, BWGH's very own, came through with more French good-good from his new brand Harmony Paris. After a quick glance at its lookbook we can already tell that Obadia hit the nail right on the head and embodied Parisian culture in this collection; it's elegant yet minimal, dressy yet nonchalant, and, most importantly, it will make you look fly as a motherfucker.

All of this will come "at a fair price" according to the brand and we really, really hope they can follow through on that claim. The web store isn't open yet but you can sign up for notifications about the release. Y'all know we already signed up and will be sure to keep you up to date on the when and where of this collection's availability.

Oh, and they made some awesome gear for your girlfriend, too. Grab your boo-thang a little something from Harmony Paris to show her you know a thing or two about this French fashion shit, man.