God Damn, the UK duo of Thom Edward (guitars/vocals) and Ash Weaver (drums), have an apt band name, dealing in a pummeling grunge-metal hybrid that wouldn't sound out of place in the mid-90s. They're certainly kindred spirits with fellow doomy Brits The Wytches (whom they've toured with). On their new single "Horus," they blend the lurching sludge of Alice in Chains' "Again" with a little White Zombie nefariousness thrown in. You just don't hear songs like this very much anymore, outside of the metal realm or Torche, so it is incredibly exhilarating when you land on something that immediately calls for devil's horns.

We may live in a world where "Royals" wins rock awards, but despite what Gene Simmons says, rock isn't dead. You just have to find the good stuff like this buried amongst the milquetoast bullshit.

"Horus" is out as a digital single on October 27 through One Little Indian Records. Ahead of their April 2015 album release, the duo will be playing its first U.S. shows at CMJ in New York City next month.