Giants running back David Wilson won't play another down in the NFL. After just two pro seasons with New York, Wilson is retiring from the game, after doctors advised him that his case of spinal stenosis would make it life-threatening for him to get hit. Wilson is just 23 years old, and on Wednesday, he delivered a heartfelt, emotional message at the Giants facility, explaining his situation.

As he cried, Wilson said, "Don't for a second, y'all, think I'm pitying myself or sad. I got to live my dream. "I'll set another dream and be great at that. I always look to be great at whatever I do." He called them tears of joy.

You can watch the full video of Wilson's emotional message here. Or, if you want to feel happy instead, watch this pretty amazing highlight reel from Wilson's rookie season. We'll miss your backflips, 22. Good luck with whatever comes next.