Fusion Kelvar, the Nigerian brand responsible for the "weather appropriate" hometown jerseys you see above, is challenging what African design can be. This collection, for example, closely resembles Wil Fry's Givenchy-Brooklyn collaboration but represents a more sincere and more significant approach to fashion: The fruits and vegetables used as prints are all grown locally within Nigeria.

The country is currently the 26th largest economy in the world, and as highlighted by The Business of Fashion, has been almost entirely ignored by luxury fashion retailers. Africa, as a continent, has been an afterthought in western fashion. Fusion Kelvar aims to change that, creating garments that are cool but, more importantly, are something that Africa can call their own. And we're entirely on board with that. Self-described as "a first of its kind in West Africa," the brand says that  "for too long the African market has been seen as a dumping ground to move leftover products from the western world."

In addition to the dope hometown jerseys, they've also dabbled in shoe design. What isn't clear is whether any of these items will be available abroad. Fusion Kelvar's online store is currently under construction, but once that changes we'll be first to let you know.