Ah, Vine, the app everyone expected to go extinct after the release of Instagram video, has stayed strong by finding it's own comedic lane. The platform has already propelled a few funny Vine stars to legitimate movie-acting careers, while another lucky few are getting paid to create content for major consumer brands. That's right, these kids are making BANK for creating six-second videos. Damn, do we wish we jumped on board sooner and scooped up some of that fame and fortune for ourselves.

Don't knock it. Once you get started clicking through a couple of six-second videos, three hours will go by before you know it.

Here are 10 funny Vine stars you should start following today:

1. Brittany Furlan

2. Jerry Purpdrank

3. Wahlid Mohammed

4. King Bach

5. KC James

6. Curtis Lepore

7. Brandon Calvillo

8. Page Kennedy

9. Destorm Power

10. Yung Poppy