Four Horsemen Shop is back with one of its long jerseys that we love, but this time they've decided to hit us with two new colors in gray and white. From personal experience, the shirts run very long and  are more than light enough for an 80 degree day, so don't let their sweater material look scare you off from copping one of these this summer. The shirt is perfect for layering underneath a jacket or just wearing by itself — Four Horsemen really got the fit right with these and they're as comfortable as a t-shirt.

We're actually pretty scared to post these on ANTENNA, because we're waiting for Friday (PAYDAY, BABY) to grab ourselves one of these, or two. If you're interested in grabbing one, they're available at Four Horsemen's web store for $90, but please be kind and leave a couple in a size L for your dawgs over here at ANTENNA.