If you're not familiar with the Fat Jew, you might have no idea what's going on here. And that might actually make it funnier.

VICE Sports sent Fat Jew up to Citi Field to chop it up with local Mets fans — and a kid wearing 100 percent Mets gear who claims to be a Braves fan — about this year's team, the Subway Series rivalry with the Yankees and more.

It starts off with a bang, as FJ describes the stadium as a "shittier Shea Stadium, because you can't smoke and I've never seen anyone get a handjob in the bathroom, which I did at Shea." Other highlights include asking one woman if she likes to imagine her man as ex-Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain during sex, and the final 30 seconds of the video, during which the Fat Jew imagines Paul O'Neill getting a blowjob.

"Can you imagine some of the chicks Paul O'Neill fucked on the road in the 90s? They were probably amazing." Go Mets!

[via VICE Sports]