Fresh off getting straddled by Nicki Minaj at Hot 97 Summer Jam Sunday night, Drake dropped a new two-for-one track, "0 to 100/The Catch Up," wherein he promises a new album for spring 2015.

So, remember when we all heard Drake was sampling Wu-Tang Clan on "Wu-Tang Forever," and we thought it was going to be his version of some boom-bap hard shit, but then it turned out to be the softest song ever? On "0 to 100" Drake gets as close to a Wu-Tang vibe as he ever will. As for "The Catch Up," it's a return to the swirling and spectral Drizzy standard, buttoned up by a James Blake sample at the end (Chance The Rapper should've made him sign a non-compete after they signed that lease).

The boasts are in full effect on both halves, and our favorites include: "I'm the rookie and the vet," "Fuck all that rap to pay your bills shit / Yeah, I'm on some Raptors pay my bills shit," and "I'm only 27 and I'm only getting better, if I haven't passed you yet, watch me catch up now." The song was produced by Boi-1da, Noah "40" Shebib and Ninteen85.