Face it: You don't know much about NFL football. In fact, even the so-called "experts" on TV can barely pick half the games right each week. So rather than sit up here on our high horse and act like we know more than you do, we'd rather have some fun. Each week during the 2014 NFL season, we're going to invite a celebrity from the world of music, fashion, pop culture or otherwise to pick games with us. Last week we had Va$htie in the building. This week it's Derrick Favors — read on!

Though Derrick Favors plays basketball, the 23-year-old native of Atlanta, GA, knows a little bit about football, too. It makes sense, then, that we asked the ever-improving Favors, a former No. 3 overall Draft pick who averaged 13.3 points and 8.7 rebounds per game this past season for the Utah Jazz, for his take on Week 2 of the NFL season. The Falcons fan, who also roots for fellow Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Calvin "Megatron" Johnson, thought long and hard before deciding on the outcome of each game this week.

Check out Derrick Favors’ Week 2 picks below, along with the our own prognostications, and check back next week for a recap and another round of celeb picks for Week 3!

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

Derrick Favors’ pick: Bills.

Our pick: Dolphins, because did you see Knowshon Moreno last week?

Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington _______

Derrick Favors’ pick: Jags, but that’s gonna be a good one.

Our pick: The ______, because RGIII is going to play like it’s 2012.

Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans

Derrick Favors’ pick: Titans, because I’m not a Cowboys fan.

Our pick: Titans.

Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants

Derrick Favors’ pick: Cardinals.

Our pick: Cardinals, because #NYFW will have the Blue boys worn out.

New England Patriots at Minnesota Vikings

Derrick Favors’ pick: Patriots.

Our pick: Patriots, because Tom Brady doesn’t lose back-to-back games.

New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns

Derrick Favors’ pick: Saints.

Our pick: Saints, because Kevin Gates ain’t nothing to mess with.

Atlanta Falcons at Cincinnati Bengals

Derrick Favors’ pick: Falcons, because…is that even a question?

Our pick: Falcons, but between AJ Green and Julio Jones, viewers are the real winners.

Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers

Derrick Favors’ pick: Panthers, but only if Cam Newton is playing.

Our pick: Lions. #Megatron4President

St. Louis Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Derrick Favors’ pick: Bucs.

Our pick: Bucs. Not that anyone will be watching this game.

Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers

Derrick Favors’ pick: Seahawks!

Our pick: Seahawks, but only by a Richard Sherman-length hair.

Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders

Derrick Favors’ pick: Texans.

Our pick: Texans, because J.J. Watt is going to eat Oakland’s rookie QB alive.

New York Jets at Green Bay Packers

Derrick Favors’ pick: Jets, because I smell an upset.

Our pick: Packers, because Aaron Rodgers is going to shred.

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

Derrick Favors’ pick: Broncos!

Our pick: Broncos.

Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers

Derrick Favors’ pick: 49ers.

Our pick: 49ers.

Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts

Derrick Favors’ pick: Colts.

Our pick: Colts, who will repay LeSean Mccoy’s waiter the only way they know how.

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