We've been on (former) NBC sitcom Community's scent since it first hit airwaves in 2009. Probably because it stars two brutally hot female leads: doe-eyed Alison Brie and blond bombshell Gillian Jacobs, plus Donald Glover who we all known today as Childish Gambino.

The show kind of fell to shit for a couple seasons when creator Dan Harmon was axed. Ratings fell, NBC eventually canceled it. And then a (TV) miracle happened: With Harmon at the helm, Yahoo! scooped up the show with a plan to distribute it online only.

The trailer you see below doesn't have any actual footage from the forthcoming sixth season. But it's a fun look back at the Community of years past, with a triumphant sense of its future. The video first debuted at San Diego Comic-Con last month, but wasn't online until now.

Community is scheduled to premiere on Yahoo!'s streaming service Yahoo! Screen in 2015.